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Who We Are

Kelowna Coin & Currency has provided the Okanagan Valley with professional bullion and numismatic services since 2004, specializing in buying and selling gold and silver, as well as North American and world wide coins and banknotes.

We have over 41 years experience in collector coins and banknotes, and love the process of discovering something rare. More than that, we love working with clients to build, evaluate or sell their collections.

At Kelowna Coin & Currency you are guaranteed one-on-one service, with in-depth and honest value and pricing. Whether it is a find, an inheritance, a collection or an investment, we're here to help.

What We Do

Precious Metals

We buy and sell silver, gold, platinum, and palladium bars, ingots, wafers, and coins. We also buy scrap silver, scrap gold, jewelry, and sterling silver items.


We specialize in buying and selling Canadian and U.S. collector coins. Worldwide coins can also be brought in for evaluation.


We focus on buying and selling Canadian and U.S. Banknotes.

Collectible Items

We also have an interest in sports cards, watches, stamps, and other items.

Numismatic Supplies

We offer a variety of coin and banknote storage solutions, books, and other collection supplies. We can also order additional supplies upon request.


Bring your item or collection in for appraisal. We provide appraisals for insurance, estates, and purchase. No charge for verbal appraisals.

1912 Five Dollar Canadian Banknote

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2022 Canadian Gold Maple Leaf

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1923 Twenty-five cent Canadian Banknote


Frequently Asked Questions

Call 250-763-2718, or email
Call or email to book a same-day or future appointment. Walk-ins are welcome, appointments are preferred.

To ensure availability and to get personal one-on-one service. Booking an appoinment helps us dedicate our time for your personal needs. Book a same-day appointment by calling or emailing today. Walk-ins are welcome, appointments are preferred.

Many factors go into the price of an item including the current spot price, the type of item, and the purity of the item. The current spot price of gold is volatile, and can fluctuate from minute to minute, we strive to give you accurate and competitive value for all your items.

Items that need to be refined. jewelry, circulation coins, or other items containing precious metals, which have no retail value are considered scrap because they will need to be melted and refined before the precious metal can be used or sold again.

Sterling silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals, usually copper, by weight. Adding these other metals makes sterling silver stronger and more durable than pure silver. This allows it to be used to make a number of things including:

  • Jewelry
  • Silverware
  • Plates
  • Platters
  • Coffee Sets
  • Silver-plated items

Sterling silver is also stamped to indicate that it is sterling silver. These stamps are "925", "92.5", ".925", or "ss".

Hallmarks, dates, and testing. Precious metals are typically stamped with markings that indicate their composition and purity. Pre-1967 Canadian coins, and U.S. coins dated pre-1964, contain silver, coins minted after these dates typically do not have a precious metal value. We also use various methods of testing items to determine their composition and purity.

Yes. We are not only interested in the precious metals you bring in, but in the stones they may contain as well. Testing can be preformed onsite to determine the grades of the stones.
1923 Twenty-five cent Canadian Banknote